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Links to key U.S. organizations

The American Society of Public Administration (www.aspanet.org)

The Association of Budgeting and Financial Management (www.abfm.org)
The Association of Policy Analysis and Management (www.appam.org)
The National Academy of Public Administration (www. www.napawash.org/)
The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (www.naspaa.org)  
The Public Management Research Association (www.pmranet.org)   

Links to key Chinese organizations

The Central Government of the People’s Republic of China (http://www.gov.cn/)
The China Development Research Foundation (www.cdrf.org.cn)
The Chinese Public Administration Society (http://www.cpasonline.org.cn/gb/)
The Center for Public Administration Research, Sun Yat-Sen University (http://cpac.sysu.edu.cn/)

Links to Other organizations

The Asian Development Bank (www.adb.org)

The World Bank (http://www.worldbank.org/)